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Corso di Laurea Triennale in Tecniche di Laboratorio Biomedico


General information
Students usually choose thesis topics that will be developed in specific biomedical analysis and/or research laboratories. To access to those laboratories students must submit a specific application addressed to the Bachelor's Degree Course President, in agreement with their Thesis Responsible Professor (TRP); furthermore, they have to present a specific Traineeship Plan (POF) concerning the Thesis topics.
Students are allowed to access to the Thesis Laboratory after attending the traineeship III.
To be admitted to the Final Degree examination students must have acquired 173 ECTS credits. They have to submit the formal Thesis Application (TA) for the final examination with the authorization of the TRP and to be up to date with taxes.


  • Indications about thesis structure are available in the following pdf file.


Requests for study-plan modifications cannot be submitted simultaneously or after presenting the TA.
Students, before applying for thesis, must therefore be sure that their last and definitive study-plan has been approved.
Students can submit the TA only if they have not less than 161 ECTS credits.
If these conditions are not fulfilled, the TA is not valid.


Final Examination
The Final Examination of the Bachelor's Degree Course in Biomedical Laboratory Technologies includes two parts:

  • the first part consists of an application performance;
  • the second part consists of the thesis discussion.

The Final Examination Committee (FEC) is the same for both the examination parts.
The FEC is chaired by the Bachelor's Degree Course President and includes lecturers (from seven to nine), a representative of the Ministry of Health, a representative of the Ministry of Instruction, University and Research, and two representative members of Professional Associations of Biomedical Laboratory Technologists – representativeness decree of 28th July 2014 (pdf).

The evaluation of the Application Performance is added to that of the thesis discussion. Scores related to the Application Performance range from 0 to 3, while those related to the thesis discussion range from 0 to 7, as defined by the Degree Course Council.

last update: 14-Jan-2016
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