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Corso di Laurea Triennale in Tecniche di Laboratorio Biomedico

To continue after Bachelor’s Degree

Master's of Science Degree
(120 ECTS credits)

The Bachelor's Degree or a three-year university diploma – or another educational qualification obtained abroad and recognised as valid – are required to apply to the Master's Degree Course.
Also specific academic requirements and proper preparation, which is verified according to modalities defined by the academic regulations of the Master's Degree Course, are considered.


Orientation and Job Placement

Orientation and Job Placement (OJP) is a service offered by the University aimed at students, graduates, doctoral students and PhDs. Its services include counselling, job training, stages, work experiences. Together with partner businesses sets up special projects for business innovation with the placement of graduates.


Almalaurea is a database that collects extensive documentation concerning all graduate students form universities in the Almalaurea association. The purpose of the database is to facilitate the access of young people to the business world; to help employers and companies to look for qualified staff; to facilitate the matching of supply and demand. 


First level Master's Degree
(60-120 ECTS credits)

The first level Master's Degree is a post-graduate educational level in advanced scientific and higher education, following the achievement of the Bachelor's Degree .


Advanced Couses

The Advanced Courses are academic deepening study and discipline specific update .

last update: 11-Sep-2015
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